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Learn what it takes to sell your beer online

Craftpeak digitally transforms the way breweries do business through e-commerce and online direct to consumer sales. We have invited the owners of Benchtop Brewing Co. to share their experience as they evolve their business to sell more beer online directly to their customers. Join the conversation with industry experts from Whale Pod and ShipStation to discuss what it takes to develop sustainable packaging and shipping strategies to grow your brand while giving customers exactly what they want… your beer on their doorstep!

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Key Takeaways

  • Learn about what it takes to sell beer online with a direct shipping option

  • Best practices for shipping beer

  • How to create an end-to-end branded experience that will delight your customers

Join Us on September 24th at 2 pm EST for our Free Webinar.

Meet the Speakers

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Whale Pod Shipper

Benchtop Brewing Co.


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Want to learn what it takes to sell your beer online and ship it directly to your customers?