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Craftpeak has been acquired by Arryved! Read more by clicking here.

We provide the technology, experience, and passion to help good craft breweries become great craft breweries!

There’s power in specialization

We founded Craftpeak in 2016, with the intention of making web experiences as amazing and specialized as your beer. Since then, we’ve created professional business solutions to help craft breweries thrive online.

We are passionate about craft beer and inspired by the nature, art, science, creativity, hard work, and humanity that is required to build great craft beer brands. Our team leads with a strong desire to bring our core values of integrity, consistency, compassion, and transparency to every interaction.

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Meet the team


John Kelley

CEO, Co-Founder

Corey Bullman

Chief Creative Officer, Co-Founder
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Julien Melissas

Chief Technical Officer, Co-Founder

Yvonne McKenna

Content Director, Project Manager

Jamie King

Site Builder

Brenton Murrell

Product Manager

Alanna Nappi

Director of Customer Success

Sally Tanner

Site Builder

The Craftpeak team brings decades of experience in technology development, product design, and business strategy

We’re focused on developing solutions that drive revenue, lower costs, and increase brand awareness to help our breweries differentiate themselves from the crowd. Our skills are matched by our understanding of the nuances, pains, and opportunities within the world of craft. We’re keenly aware that a brewery’s online strategy plays an integral role in keeping the taps flowing.

While we are humbled and honored to be working with some of the world’s best craft beer brands, we refuse to rest – constantly pushing ourselves to develop innovations, strategies, and communities of thought-leadership that are helping to move the industry forward.

Craftpeak Clients

Our network is always growing, with 200+ clients stretched across 3 continents

computer laptop coding

We're nerds – beer nerds, tech nerds, and design nerds who love doing what we do.

As we innovate new ways to increase revenue and brand experiences online, we’re creating an ever-growing tapestry of passionate brewers and industry specialists

The partnerships we form with breweries lead to new connections, new products, and better solutions.

This commitment to understanding and becoming a part of the craft beer phenomenon makes us the definitive web development, e-commerce, and strategy partner for breweries.