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Reward your most passionate supporters!

Want to recognize the loyal fans that have helped make your brand a success? Our membership platform makes it easy to recognize and reward your most passionate supporters!

That is exactly why we love Membership Clubs!

(well that and the money they generate)!

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Did Someone Say "Exclusive"?

Let's admit it, we're all human - which means we crave exclusivity... (not you, snowflake).

Our membership clubs are a great way to provide access to special released beersexclusive merchVIP tours and events, and other perks throughout the year.

Feed this base of supporters, and they will continue to grow like neckbeards... the cuddly kittens of the craft beer industry.

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Membership Clubs are great for the bottom line!

Brewery loyalists are willing to pay a premium for exclusive access to your brands and VIP perks. You’ll make money by giving your biggest fans an awesome membership experience and access to the beers they crave!

Everybody wins... well, everybody except for those that didn't buy a membership.

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Fine-tune your membership club with intuitive insights and great data.

Learn about your member's buying journey and preferences, then make your process and offerings better. Craftpeak makes it easy for you to track sales, orders, inventory, and customers. Our intuitive dashboards allow you to monitor and manage your sales with accurate, real-time data.

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