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2nd Kitchen: 15 Inspiring Brewery Website Designs in 2020

If you’re stuck on what design path to follow for your brewery website, these 15 real brewery websites are meant to inspire you with unique ways to show your own brand off and increase brewery visitor and consumer rates.

1. Against the Grain

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Against the Grain prides itself on never being boring and really dives into the idea that drinking beer should be a fun, rowdy time. The four co-founders created this branding through inventive, fun beer tastes, names, artwork, brewery logo and, of course, Against the Grain’s website.

Using the same artwork the brewery’s cans wear and pictures of the team and past events, Against the Grain’s website is enticing, welcoming, and easy to navigate, showing consumers exactly what to expect when visiting Against the Grain – a good time.

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