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Hop Culture: The 20 Best Brewery Websites of 2020

We’re pleased as punch to announce a few of our client websites made the Hop Culture 20 Best Brewery Websites of 2020 list! Here’a a bit from the article:

Beer is a wholistic experience.

Your IPA might taste terrific, but if it looks like you don’t care about your can or taproom, I’ll likely visit another brewery. And I feel the same way about brewery websites.

What Makes a Good Brewery Website?

At its most basic, a good brewery website needs to have relevant info front and center. And it needs properly-sized photos, as well as an easily navigable homepage. And a responsive mobile site. These factors are the bare minimum. What are your hours if you have a taproom? What’s a good way to get in contact? Where is your brewery?

Now, all of these things make a good brewery website. But a great brewery website comes from a focus on good design, clean graphics, and simplicity.

Our Favorite Brewery Websites.

Archetype Brewing 

Powered by CraftPeak, Archetype’s site is intuitive and professional while still having some whimsy and personality. Hidden on the “About Our Beer” page is even a little personality quiz to assign you an “archetype” and match you with a beer. It’s a small element that demonstrates the Asheville brewery’s attention to detail.


Enter the wild world of DSSOLVR, one of Asheville’s newest breweries. Designed by the website pros at Craftpeak, DSSOLVR’s site is a perfect distillation of the brewery’s penchant for surreal aesthetics. And the best part? The website feels professional and genuinely works. It’s just as easy to find important information as it is to get lost in the brewery’s trippy imagery.

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